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Take advantage of the know-how of our Website Designers and get a modern and attractive corporate presence. Professionalism, reliability and without hidden cost.

Website Design and E-Shop

Reach more customers online with a new website

A professional website is an important tool for gaining customers. Fortunately, this can now be done easily
Our experts from Stratonoakland Business to the interested public and all this with a monthly fee. We are pleased to undertake the completion of the project, the action plan for the next day and the strategy you will follow to achieve your goals. 


The advantages that your new website will have.

Covid -19

Incorporate information and update current practice from official COVID-19 agencies on the home page


Quickly create your new website with attractive content from expert copywriters without unnecessary pressure on you

Modern design and graphics

We create for your company modern and attractive designs, logos and high quality icons that suit your industry

Social Media

You basically have a dedicated team of Web Designers, Copywriters and Graphic Designers who will work for you on Social media to focus you on your customers

Google Analytics

Analyze website statistics through monthly reports and access Google Analytics so you are always up to date


Track your orders easily and simply from your tablet or mobile phone in real time so you do not miss any orders. Available for android and ios


Your store will have a specialized security certificate, high encryption, firewall and advanced technical intelligence technology to prevent any attack.


Turbo hosting up to 20 times faster page loading compared to the competition, daily back up and distribution of the page in 140 centers around the world.


Twenty-four hours a day and seven to seven are covered by our specialized staff for any issue or question that may arise.

new requirements in your industry? Your new website will take care of that!

Websites for Doctors and Clinics

We take care of the creation and management of your website, so that you can take care of your patients

Catering Websites

Attract new visitors with attractive menus, contactless ordering or simple online reservations and add more value to your business

Websites for Hotels

Accept direct bookings online, synchronize all bookings with OTA and more (no booking fee or per property fee)

Websites for Stores

Increase your sales with offers, coupons, promotions, on your new website

Websites for Technicians / Professionals

Find complete solutions for a more attractive corporate image and increase your customer base vertically

Services Websites

Either you provide Services, or you want to connect with your customers or you still have a very good idea for implementation

Websites for Athletes

Promote your image and achievements, connect with your fans and attract new sponsors

Websites for Politicians

Find complete solutions for political advertising and promotion on social media and dramatically increase your popularity

Websites for Artists

Increase your commercial value, book more bookings and connect with managers around the world

Why choose us?

What makes us stand out is that you will find all of the following in one package. Our company specializes mainly in creating attractive content resulting in attracting customers through numerous specialties beyond IT.


They create the backbone of the page to run a "ball", to play on all its devices and applications so that you do not miss any order.

Graphic Design Department

Undertakes all the graphic design that your store or social media may need, such as creating or updating the Logo, icons, Banner, Slider, etc.

Department of Copywriting

Advertising Copywriting by expert copywriter for the correct description of your products and attractive texts for social media.

Marketing Department

Analyzes the competition and designs a unique success strategy for your industry. Monitors trends and determines structure, page setup as well as Branding.

Social Media Department

Undertakes the connection of the products on Social Media, the proper promotion of the store on Facebook / Instagram and works closely with the textwriting and graphic design department.

Department of Analysts

The Analytics section determines the appropriate keywords with which your customers search by ensuring high search engine rankings and more traffic.

Department of Photography

Professional product photography, building installations, portraits, group photos, digital editing, 360 ° shots

Video section

There is a possibility of professional video-clip for the better promotion of the business, ideal for social media and advertising campaigns

Animater Department

Our Animater are responsible for animated icons that catch the customer's attention and turn your logo into Video Intro.

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Questions and answers

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions of our business customers in order to answer the questions

If you's lacking the time or training to build your modern website, then digital business is the right solution for you. Indicative:

  • Freelance
  • Self-employed
  • Club
  • Small business owner
  • medium-sized enterprises

With the MyWebsite program, there is the possibility of building and supporting the appropriate website for your company. With our know-how and experience we ensure the appropriate and attractive content for your website. Monthly content updates ensure higher search engine rankings including Google, Bing.

At StratonOakland we can create a professional website for you along with the content and take care of its management and monthly renewal:

11. First, by registering on Mywebsite we deliver a complete website with 10 pages and content and photos, images, graphics suitable for your industry.

22. After the creation, we undertake the monthly renewal, the promotion on social media and the management of the website, giving you a complete digital management solution. In any case, our experts with the Mywebsite program will coordinate all design and implementation actions. We get in touch with you and analyze the following aspects:

  • Target
  • Strategic planning
  • Construction
  • Structure
  • Website design
  • Content
  • Graphic design

You also have the opportunity to see examples of websites and templates from which you can be inspired.

3After the update you will receive from your personal Digital Advisor the detailed website design with all the information and the implementation stages to be included. You are aware of every step of the process and can send us requests for any changes.

4Once you have approved the draft, we proceed to the implementation. We provide attractive and optimized content in texts and images for many specialties. In order to be able to create your website as representative as possible, it would be good to provide us with your own material (such as photos of your business or your staff). We will digitally edit your photos at no extra cost and integrate them harmoniously into your website.

5After creating the website, we proceed to any improvements until the desired result is achieved. We need your suggestions and comments, because, of course, nothing "goes up" on your website that you do not like.

6Our SEO experts then undertake search engine optimization so that your website appears with the right search terms on Google.

With the Mywebsite service you can quickly and economically get a website that suits your company. Our Web Design experts take care of everything from idea conception and design to search engine optimization (SEO). We will also take care of the maintenance and the monthly renewal of your website: Tell us or write us the requests for change of your website and our web experts will implement them. In just a few steps, you can get a professionally designed website that best represents your company online. This saves you valuable time that you can better invest in the daily life of your business.

 We will also take care of the maintenance and the monthly renewal of your website: Tell us or write us the requests for change of your website and our web experts will implement them. In just a few steps, you can get a professionally designed website that best represents your company online. This saves you valuable time that you can better invest in the daily life of your business.

Entrepreneurs dealing with the "online presence" often face the same challenges:

  • What do my customers expect from my website?
  • What content should I transfer?
  • What makes a good business website in my industry?
  • Where can I find appropriate texts and clear images that best represent my company?
  • How do I embed my own images to fit the web?
  • How can I create and maintain my website so that it is always up to date?

MyWebsite is the answer to all these questions

The goals of a business website and the requirements that arise can be very different. Indicative:

  • Inform your company about your products or services and find the right customers for you
  • Looking for employees, trainees or partners
  • Let your website work for you and you optimize internal processes
  • You want to offer interested communication options 24 hours a day

The right website can contribute to the success of your company in different ways. We will be happy to let you know if you want to create your own website.

Just select the Program you want or call us at (+30)231.700.8551

Alternatively, you can use the contact form. We will call you and inform you in detail about your options. If you want, you can start immediately, quickly and easily.

It depends on the time you have. Typically, there are about three to six weeks between the first update and the delivery of a website we created for you.

This is not a problem - even if you have already chosen another provider. We can recreate, optimize and maintain your website. We are happy to help you modernize your website.

If you wish, we can also enrich your existing texts and images and integrate them into your new website. Of course, when you move to our Service, we ensure the smooth operation of your website. So you can communicate with your patients online to keep them there for them.

With us you can make adjustments to your website at any time, even on the go, using your smartphone. Customers who wish to use the managed MyWebsite option send us the changes they wish to publish quickly. You can transfer your change requests to our Design Team by phone or email, so you know you have an alert team working for you and implementing your ideas.


Would you like us to create something for you that you did not find in our services related to your website or have you processed your own idea and want to make it happen? Just ask the Design Team about it.

With MyWebsite, you get tips and support as if you had an entire ad department. In addition, you can ask us to create a personalized website at a cost that is much lower than that of many competitors. And we are very transparent: there are no hidden service charges. You want extra services like a logo design. For this we will be happy to give you an additional offer according to your individual requirements.

On every website we deliver it is necessary to provide an SSL security certificate and mandatory information about the company and data protection. This issue is particularly relevant to the current GDPR. 

It's up to you: If you have chosen the managed solution you get a complete website that is completely updated and managed by us and includes creating an advertising campaign on Google, Facebook, etc. with a monthly fee, while if you have chosen the unmanaged solution ( without management) you get a complete website without a monthly fee. Consult the price tables and choose the package that suits you. Is there anything you did not find in our services? The Custom User option covers your custom needs and provides personalized solutions. Free cost evaluation and estimation.